Little is truly known about the Creation of Aliron, as even the most powerful Seers cannot clear their vision enough to discern smaller details, it is too long ago. Most of what is taught is based on religion. Most agree, however, that in the beginning, the universe was a evenly balanced mix of dark and light particles, kept stable my their natural repulsion from each other. Whether the Gods were created by chance or whether they are eternal has become grounds for religious conflict.It is agreed that Kaija and Drae were the mot powerful gods, and that they created Aliron, with the help of the other gods. The gods also created the first race, the Kel'son.The Twins decided that this world could not be kept in their realm, and they moved it to another dimension.

Maasruhm, the Dark God, is known to have wanted to destroy the creation of the other gods, and in his attempt to destroy the world, he caused the Shattering, corrupted Drae, and was trapped under Angelos by the other gods.



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