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Religious Denominations
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Kaija (also spelled Kaiya, Kaja, Kaya, Kaia and other variations) is the Goddess of Light and one of the Light Twins, along with her sister, Drae. She was one of the first gods to form. With her sister, she began shaping the world of Aliron. As they worked, other gods formed from the energy used in the process. The Dark energy left over from the creation of Aliron lead to the formation of Maasruhm, the Dark God. Kaija and Drae defeated  Maasruhm after he attempted to destroy the world. This battle lead to the Shattering. Drae was corrupted during this battle.

Kaija's symbol is the Kel'me Cross. It is the same shape as the in-land sea in the centre of the Continent of Kel'me. The shape is a powerful sigil, which focuses the flow of mana into its centre, and in Kel'me, it focuses it into the Great Mountain, so that the Gods could change the world. Kaija is the Goddess of Light, and is often worshipped as the main deity of the religion. She is considered the most powerful of the Gods. 



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