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Religious Denominations
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Drae (also spelled Drei) is the Goddess of Darkness and was formally one of the Light Twins, along with her sister, Kaija. She was one of the first gods to form. With her sister, she began shaping the world of Aliron. As they worked, other gods formed from the energy used in the process. The Dark energy left over from the creation of Aliron lead to the formation of Maasruhm, the Dark God. Kaija and Drae defeated  Maasruhm after he attempted to destroy the world. This battle lead to the Shattering. Drae was corrupted during this battle.

The corruption of Drae did not happen instantly. Shortly after the battle, Drae began to feel paranoid of the other gods, and so she created a realm of her own and she hid there for a few centuries. Only after she was fully corrupted did she reveal herself as the new Goddess of Darkness. Her light side still struggles against the dark, however, so far Drae has been able to resist this.

On the 2nd of the 12th, 10,543 of the 2nd Era,  Drae ordered her followers to begin an assault on the Aliron, in an attempt to take control of the world. The armies were defeated, but were able to cause extensive damage, most notably, almost bringing the Moon Elves to Extinction.

Drae's symbol is known as the Drae Diamond. It was a symbol used by cultists during the Drae Worshipper Incursion.



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