On the 2nd of the 12th, 10,543 of the 2nd Era, Drae had ordered her followers to begin an assult on the world. The war marks the beginning of the Third Era. Drae's armies were eventually defeated, but not before the cultists had managed to cause extensive damage. Many people were slaughtered, cities were razed, and most notably, the majority of the Moon Elves had either been killed, or transformed into Edicus. The motivation behind this genocide was that the Moon Elves had been mining Moonstone to aid in the defence against Drae's forces, since Moonstone neutralised dark energy. Drae was severely angered by this and personally ordered the slaughter of the Moon Elves. Those who were not killed were met by a fate worse than death, being mutated into the vile beasts known as the Edicus.



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