Religious Denominations
Religious Denominations


Maasruhm, the Dark God, was created out of the left over darkness during the process of the Creation of Aliron. As soon as he gained consciousness, he wanted nothing else but to destroy all that was created by the other gods and replace it with something of his own making, although no-one is sure what that is. He is directly responsible for the Shattering, which happened at the end of his invasion, when the light twins fought his atop the Great Mountain. This battle shattered the continents and corrupted Drae. After he was defeated during the battle, the Light Twins trapped him under a mountain, which would soon become the continent of Angelos. Each time he attempts to free himself, the mountain erupts. The lava coming from the mountain is what formed the continent of Angelos.

Maasruhm's symbol is Maasruhm's eye, a vertical eye inside of a octogram. The octogram itself is also sometimes used. His chosen form is that of a black mist, in the shape of a large, horned demon.



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