Colvarian Empire,
Empire of Salarak
Harak Desert,
The Ashen Coast


Humans are able to quickly adapt to harsh environments. This adaptation paired with their short lifespans is likely why they have spread across the whole world so quickly. Their short lives have also made it so that their subraces have deviated more than in the other races. The largest subraces are the Sajaron, Dunziir and Gaishang. The average human is 175 cm tall, weighs 80 kg, matures at 18 and lives for less than a century. One defining feature of their appearance is that their ears are rounded. Humans seem to be the most violent out of the other intelligent races, with war being almost constant for most of human history.

The first humans appeared at about the 40th century of the second era along the banks of the Nuwili River. They were Kel'son who had reverted to hunter-gatherer tribes after the Shattering. By the 60th century, humans had spread across all of the Ashen coast, and had begun migrating into Creasou and Kel'me. By the 70th century, land bridges connecting the three continents were no longer existent, and the various human tribes became separated. The humans in Zana formed the nation of Ra-Uud along the banks of the Zaesh river. The humans of Kel'me began to invade the elvish lands to the north, carrying out constant raids against elvish settlements. As the elves were pushed back, the Proto-Sajarons abandoned their nomadic lifestyles in favour of agriculture, and settled in the fertile lands of the north.



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