Colvarian Empire


The Sajaron are a Human subrace that inhabits Kel'me. Their skin can range from pale to tawny, their eyes can be blue, green or brown and their hair ranges anywhere between black, brown, red and blond. 

The ancient Sajaron people, having migrated from Zana sometime in the 60th century of the second era, lived as nomads in the forests and grasslands of Kel'me. After forcing the native Elvish people out, the nomads settled and formed towns. One of the first great Sajaron civilisations was the Thevesterian Empire, which was formed in the 97th century of the 2nd Era. Its capital was based along the Fled River. The Empire was rich in resources, which allowed it to expand quickly and subjugate many barbarian tribes and kingdoms. However, the Empire could not manage its massive size, and by 9983, 2nd Era barbarians had razed the capital, and the empire had fallen. The barbarians formed nations based in the former territory of the Thevesterian Empire, and began to compete for resources and glory. The advances in art and knowledge that were lost after the destruction of the Thevesterian Empire only began to be recovered in approximately the 13th century of the third Era. In the year 1305, Laedryus was crowned as King of Colvaria. For the next 51 years, he conquered the kingdoms of Kel'me one-by-one, and was successful in uniting the continent under his banner.



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