Empire of Salarak
Harak Desert,
The Ashen Coast


The Dunziir (or Dunzeer) are a Human subrace that are the inhabitants of Zana. Their skin can range from dusky brown to dark brown their hair can be black or brown and their eyes are brown. They mainly inhabit the Harak Desert, and so are generally more resilient to higher temperatures.

The ancient Dunziir lived as tribes of desert nomads, trading between each-other in order to survive. The first civilisation to form was Ra-Uud, a kingdom along the banks of the Zaesh River some time in the 70th century of the 2nd Era. This city-state soon flourished with prosperity, and began to expand its influence. Soon along the Zaesh River stood cities of Ra-Uud make. However, the empire, like all others, one day fell. The many cities formed their own nations and began fighting and squabbling amongst each other. The nations of Zana were once more united on the 567th year of the 3rd Era. The nation of Haraba, over the course of 34 years, conquered almost the entire continent. This empire lasted for 141 years, until the king had died without a named heir, and Zana was split into many once more. The continent would unite again on the 1292nd year, 3rd Era. A kingdom called Salarak had conquered the continent and proclaimed itself the Empire of Salarak.



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