Elves tend to be more dexterous than the other races, and they often can learn to manipulate mana much faster. The average elf is 185 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. Elves mature at 20 and live for up to two centuries. A defining physical feature of elves is that their ears and long and pointed.

The first elvish tribes most likely formed in about the 20th century of the second era, in the plains and forests of Kel'me. in the 30th century, larger elvish civilisation began to form, and in about the 40th century, most of these countries formed into the nation called Elenae Falenôr, meaning "The Elvish Alliance" in the ancient elf tongue. All nation which had not joined Elenae Falenôr were swiftly conquered. At this point, elves began slowly migrating to the other continents.  In the 60th century, humans first began to migrate into Kel'me, and instantly there was conflict with the native elves. While there were many attempt by humans to take land from the elves, most of these invasions were defeated. However, once horses were brought from Creasou, human horse-archers were able to begin to defeat the forces of Elenae Falenôr.  The humans began to push back the elves, claiming the land for themselves. Under the pressure of constant attack, Elenae Falenôr collapsed, as the leaders of each country became more focused on defending their own land. The elves continued to be constantly attacked by the human kingdoms throughout history.



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