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Religious Denomination
Deraan al-Tarheem


Kydes is the God of War and Conflict. He one of the five Greater Gods, and therefore was one of the first Gods to form.

Being a Greater God, Kydes was integral to the Creation of Aliron. Kydes is blamed for causing almost every conflict between mortals to ever happen. Every war, every duel, every argument; Kydes is said to have made it happen. This is because each conflict gives Kydes power, and so he seeks to start clashes constantly. Kydes is said to have created the race of Orcs.

While it is generally not illegal, exclusively worshipping Kydes is frowned upon in most societies.

Kydes' chosen form is similar to that of an Orc, usually bloodstained and wielding some sort of weapon. His symbol is a stylised axe.



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