Colvarian Empire


Officially known as Emperor Laedryus the Great, Laedryus established the Empire of Colvaria and conquered much of Kel'me, and was the first to be crowned as Emperor of Colvaria.

Laedryus was born in 1274 to King Leoteau of Colvaria and Queen Maeva. He was the second child. Growing up, his father favoured his eldest son, Orrian, and Laedryus himself looked up to Orrian. However in 1292, Orrian died from pneumonia. This devastated Laedryus, and Leoteau went into a state of depression. To distract himself, Laedryus began studying history and military strategy.

Laedryus was crowned King of Colvaria in 1305, when his father died at age 65. Laedryus had grown increasingly ambitious over the years, planning to establish an Empire spanning all of Kel'me. To this end, in 1307, he declared war on the Kingdom of Achela, followed by a war with Strahein. In 1314, Laedryus married Princess Ara, securing an alliance with Ospien. Laedryus would then wage war on Zotimansk. (WIP)

After 51 years of war, most of Kel'me was united under the banner of Colvaria. Laedeyus, now titled First Emperor of the Colvarian Empire, felt satisfied, and left the rest to his descendants. In the final years of his rule, he focused on rebuilding the war-torn lands now under his rule. He died in the 1358 at age 84.



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