Demons are a race of beings created by Maasruhm. They usually reside in Maasruhm's realm, however Demons are also often summoned to Aliron by mages and cultist because Demons tend to accept serving their new masters and are usually less unpredictable than, for example, Olmor.

Demons tend to be horned, red-ish in colour and muscular with sharp teeth and claws. There is however a level of variation between individual Demons.

Demons were created by Maasruhm sometime between the Creation of Aliron and the Shattering. They were created to serve Maasruhm and help him recreate the world in his own way. Demons were an main force participating in the invasion that preceded the Shattering. When the barrier separating Abyss and Aliron was temporarily broken during the Shattering, Maasruhm had managed to create a realm for the Demons to reside, and thus the Demons reside within the barrier even now.



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