Some time in the early 40th century of the Second Era, most of the existing elvish countries united into the alliance called Elenae Falenôr ([el(ʋ)ˈenaj fɐlenˈɵɾ]), which means "Elvish Alliance" in the ancient elvish. Those nations which had not joined the alliance were swiftly conquered, under the pretext of uniting the elvish race.

The Alliance functioned as a loose confederation of elvish nations, mainly united by the belief in elvish unity or by military force. The ruling body of the alliance was a council of the kings of the most powerful nations.

When in the 60th century humans began to migrate into elvish Kel'me, conflicts began between the two groups. Initially, the human invasions were repelled, but once horse-archery became a central tactic, the humans began to gain ground. As pressure from the invaders began to increase, kings began to break away to more efficiently manage their own domain, and Elenae Falenôr collapsed.



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