The Chaeldanist Church is one of the most influential factions in the Colvarian Empire. It's goal is to spread Chaeldanism and root out heretics and heathens. The Churches power rivals even that of the Emperor.

The inner organisation of the Church follows a strict hierarchy; The highest authority in the Church is the Archpriest, whom the High Priests elect from their own ranks. The High Priests hold authority over the Priests, each of whom is responsible for a church. The Priests in turn are the superiors of the Brotherhoods or Sisterhoods, which help the priest carry out religious ceremonies and also are responsible for maintaining chapels in towns where there are no priests. While there are no official subdivisions of the Brother/Sisterhoods, one member, typically the eldest, gives guidance to the rest. All lesser members are referred to as Acolytes, and are subservient to the Brethren and Sistren.



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