Zanimuth is the prophet of the Zanimuthist religions. He was a simple artisan in the city of Dunra, until one day he became stranded in the desert. There, he received a vision from the Gods, who told him many secrets and truths. Then it is said they lead him out of the desert. He returned home and wrote a book based on the word of the Gods, containing rules and proverbs which believers are supposed to follow if they wish to enter the afterlife. He then began to preach.

He quickly began to amass followers, and soon was able to form the nation called "Haraba" (Meaning "Holy Centre"), which soon conquered Zana and ruled it in his name for the next 141 years.

The Deraan al-Tarheem denomination of Zanimuthism believes that he ascended to a state of godhood following his death.



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