For hundreds of years, the lands of Aatos remained in relative peace, enforced by the powerful lords of the Reisenland. Now, chaos looms on the horizon.

     Aelin the Gregarious, the last Queen of the Reisenland, died without nominating an heir. Her five children, refusing to elect a new monarch, have split the lands amongst themselves. Now the once-mighty kingdom of the Reisenland has shattered into smaller states, each vying for dominance over the other.

     In the power vacuum this has created, the free cities of Bruderstrasse to the east have formed a shaky coalition and stand poised to declare war on the squabbling kingdoms.

     In the south, the Knights of Gravais hold the Southmarch. While longtime confederates of the rulers of the Reisenland, it remains to be seen if they will honor their age-old alliance with the lack of firm leadership.

     To the north wild beasts roam free, no longer kept in check by the Reisenland's north patrols.

     And in the far west, a great evil power stirs which could threaten existence itself.


     Aatos is a low fantasy world heavily influenced by medieval Europe, particularly the Holy Roman Empire. While magic and nonhuman races do exist, their prevalence is dwindling.




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