Not much is known for a certainty of the wild elves in the Jungles of Zaire. They reside far from the lands of the known world, somewhere south west from the grand city of Meroe, the capital and southern most city in the Kushite Empire and the last bastion of civilization before the unknown. The wild elves who make it north to the civilizations of the middle sea come as slaves, often captured by the Kushites. A rarity for certain, a wild elf are worth more than some of the others who are forced into slavery, if they can be tamed that is. They are a reclusive and independent people who when captured are known to commit suicide rather than be shackled, though this is only from stories the common man speaks of.

From what is told, again by word of mouth, is that they live in diverse autonomous  tribes, some tribes are nomadic, hunting and foraging, making temporary homes out of natural shelters, some make permanent shelters, some often crudely, others intricate structures from superb wood working. Though what can be said for a certainty is they at least have one grand city deep within the jungles, the treetop city of Kanem. The city is built upon magically grown trees that tower over the nearest canopies of the surrounding trees. It is said to reside on both banks of the Zaire river, intricately carved housings, temples, and shops are mounted onto these trees, some carved into the trees, connected by long suspension bridges, the city has no urban planning except for the top which reside the homes of the druids that consul over their people and the temples they build to the spirits they worship. It should also be said that they are capable of constructing lever and pulley elevators much like we have here.

From what is said, the people don't seem to war much with their immediate neighbors, though they do wear intricate masks of war, some resembling demons, animals, or something in between. Their enslaved warriors show their metalworking seems to be lacking if we are to take that at face value. They armor themselves with leather and bone, and in some cases wood and plant fibers. The metal they do forge is only seen in the copper and bronze spear and arrow heads that are brought back from slave raids, or some of the rare goods that make its way into the civilized world.

The most foreign thing about these peoples is there worship of spirits rather than to gods. Their belief is that there are an infinite number of spirits that inhabit all things, people, animals, plants, the waters, and the earth. Divided into two Categories; the Gona who are tame and easy to manipulate, and the Daji who are untamed and difficult to contact through the chants and dances that they use to contact the spirits. Their dances are said to be able to manipulate the spirits into doing whatever is required from the resource or person it possesses. Though it has never been seen, it may be a falsehood, or if it is true, then no doubt they unknowingly benefit from the trials conquered by the wanderer, though a similar tale is woven from a spirit known as Waziri, who is said to have convinced the great spirit Azazel to give a place for all his children to experience life. Azazel is said to give life to all spirits. Under Azazel, is another spirit who is said to distribute the presence of Azazel to the people known as Yali. Though there is no proof that the wanderer reached deep into the jungles of Zaire, he may have, or at least stories of him have somehow intertwined themselves into the local religion. Nothing is known here if Waziri is an ancestor spirit or was always a spirit, if an ancestor spirit is said to have convinced the great spirit to give life to the world then Waziri must of done something great. Again, it strikes many similarities to the story of convention, and in a way contradictory in that mortals already existed before convention, so this can be seen entirely unrelated or perhaps a little construed. 



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