Iberians are the inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula, the furthest western peninsula on the continent of Etruria. The inhabitants consist of humans, wood elves, and dwarves. These peoples are divided into separate tribes, often competing with one another. They are all bound together however in language and culture. The tribes on the eastern coasts have been Hellenized for a few centuries, due to trade and colonization from the Hellenes. The peoples living on the southern coasts of Iberia have been heavily influenced by trade and colonization by the Akkadians. This is mostly seen through their art, forms of government, and the worship of Akkadian and Hellenic gods.

The non Hellenized tribes of Iberians live in tribal societies with chiefdom's, and consuls of elders and druids. Most live in Oppida, fortified settlements much like their Insubri neighbors to the north east. The Hellenized tribes have more intricate forms of governments with elected councilmen, elected through their merits, though that is seldom held in place in most governments.

In recent events the Akkadian general Hamilcar Barca invaded and subdued most of Iberia before being betrayed and killed in battle. His son Hannibal, now at the reins of the empire and army his father created seeks to strengthen his possession of Iberia and now threatens the fortified city of Saguntum on the eastern coast of Iberia, a city who are known allies of the Arretian Republic, the people who it is said Hannibal vowed to his father as a child that he would destroy.


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