The Insubri are the inhabitants of Insubria, the western most regions of the Etrurian continent. The region is made up of competing tribes of Humans, Wood Elves, Halflings, gnomes, and Orcs. They are all tied together by language and culture, to say that these peoples are uncivilized is a misnomer, though they lack the architectural and engineering splendor of the civilizations along the middle Sea, they have advances in metalworking that in some ways surpass the civilized world. The armor and weapons used by the Arretians were adopted straight from the Insubri.

The tribes of Insubria are autonomous to one another, each tribe being led by the most powerful clan within that tribe, that clan acts as those peoples monarchs. The king is advised by a counsel of elders and druids. The druids also make up a powerful political force, that which can overturn the wishes of the king. 

The Insubri have a long history of warring with the Arretians and Tyrrhenians, even in those nations infancy. It was a coalition of Insubri tribes that would sack Arretium a century ago, and causing havoc on the High Elven city states in northern Latia around the same time. Many Insubri are a warlike people who paint themselves in woad and madly charge into battle, though they lack the discipline of a soldier their ferocity has made up for it in the past. 


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