The Arretians, named so after their capital city Arretium, migrated and settled on the Latian peninsula 535 years ago, or so they claim. The city also taking its name from its legendary founder and first king Arretius, who claims descendants from the mythical figure known as the Harbinger, the person who appeased the gods into granting mortals magic, and with that a chance to defend themselves from the monstrosities of this world.

Arretius was the first of seven kings of Arretium before the Republican times. The next three kings following him were men of Arretium, the fourth to the last were supplanted by Tyrrhenians until the last king, King Lucius Tarquinius Superbus became tyrannical, culminating into his son raping the wife and daughter of a powerful Arretian Noble. A coalition formed by a handful of powerful patricians overthrowing Lucius and forming the Republic.

The Invasion of the Insubri tribes ( The Insubri War )  under Brennus is what changed the outlook of the Arretians, after the sack of Arretium, the Arretians vowed to never let their holy city fall again, they took a policy of expanding their borders as far away from their city as they could, which turned them into a martial people. The Arretian Republic would come to dominate the peninsula after the many conflicts with the other Latian tribes, the Sabines, Campanians, Vestinians, Aequians, Lanuvians, and the Samnites. The Gnomish Umbri of Umbria and the Villanovan Halfings of Villanova. It wasn't long before the powerful Tyrrhenians were too, overcome.

In the process of securing the southern regions of the Latian peninsula they came across Hellenic colonies that controlled that region. In a bid for help they called across the Adriatic Sea to the nearby Hellenic Kingdom of Epirus. Their King, Phyrrus would heed their call. Initiating the Pyrrhic War. Phyrrus would win many victories against the Arretians using a mix of the Hellenic Phalanx developed by Phillip the second a hundred years ago and perfected by his son Archelaus the Great, the manipular system that the Arretians used to dominate their enemies, which they took from the defeated Samnites of the Samnite wars. And with War elephants, which the Arretians have never seen until then. Each victory though, his losses were too many to continue waging war in foreign territory. The Akkadians to the south would make staunch allies to the Arretians to halt Phyrrus' attempt to carve out a kingdom for himself in Latia. 

When the war ended the Arretians showed their prowess to the world, emerging as a power player to the rest of the world. Peace wouldn't last long, the expansionism of the Arretians soon took them to the island of Sicania, south of Latia. There the Akkadian War would start.The costliest, bloodiest war to date. Sicania was home to the Hellenic cities of Messana and Syracuse. The Halfling city of Segesta, and the dark elven city of Alkebaeum, a powerful city and fortress to the Akkadian Republic.

Now, victorious, the Republic of Arretium are the strongest and most influential nation in the western hemisphere of the The Middle Sea. Their nation encompasses all but the most northern part of the Latian Peninsula, All of Sicania, and by breaching the terms of the peace treaty with the Akkadians, the islands of Sardinia and Corsica to the west.

The Arretian Republic