The Last heros


Soon after the fall of Ilios, Kleos along with his remaining band of Myrmidons headed east through Anatolia. His motives for doing so is unclear, some say he was struck with wanderlust for being confined to the same battlefield for five years. Others say he wished to repent by doing good deeds for his direct hand in the extermination of those in Ilios. Either way, he headed east through the rocky plateaus of Anatolia, trailing through narrow passages between mountains. Before long the passage would open up to a valley home to high elves, the small town lay next to a river that flowed into the black sea, the sea stretching so far as to seem endless. Him and his band of soldiers descended down towards the town which caused alarm, they were met by elves with shield and spear in hand. Kleos spoke "I do not come as a foe, nor do I come with purpose, not knowing these lands we find ourselves in unknown places." The elf leading their band removed their helmet revealing the face of a woman, in those days the women of the Kaskian tribes were aloud to fight alongside their male counterparts. She spoke "I am Muwatti daughter of Ualli, who dare approach on the Kaskian people, and the Kaskian lands whom been claimed from the Nerik and blessed by Arinna, you come armed, and with the look of desperation. Where do you hail from?" "I am Kleos son of Athana whom bore me out of her head, I hail from lands far away, we wish to pass through these lands in which you claim, we bare gifts or offer ourselves in service for passage." "Kleos son of Athana, I have heard of your valor, and I have heard of your deeds. They already tell of your victory over Heiron, overcoming him with no fear of death."

Kleos thus spoke "Death does not frighten me, for a man can not be killed if he is remembered, if they tell stories of him for a thousand years then he will live for a thousand years, if a man through deeds, with the blessings of the gods, 



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