1. Overpowers



"The Void"

  • Age: Ageless 
  • Gender: Male 
  • Height: Unknown 
  • Weight: Immeasurable - Constantly growing 
  • Species: Fundamental force of the universe

There are few words capable of describing the magnitude of “The Void”, and certainly none capable of doing so accurately. Needless to say, infinite doesn’t even begin to describe how overwhelmingly massive “The Void” is, and indeed, infinity itself is little more than a speck compared to the eternally expanding body of pure, rippling blubber that is “The Void”.


Though it was not always so. In the beginning, before existence itself, and before time began, there were two twin entities. “The Source” and “The Void”. While “The Source” was able to refine energy, and create countless universes, “The Void” was unable to do so, and looked on jealously as Its twin created worlds and life and all matter in between. So consumed with spite and hatred, “The Void” lashed out, destroying that which “The Source” had created, the only way It knew how. Devouring it.


“The Void” ate all matter It could reach, and did so with great relish, slurping up universes as though they were little more than frosting, reveling in the divine taste of pure energy. From that moment, the once small, slim creature that “The Void” had begun Its ‘life’ as, would be lost forever. From then on, Its body blimped up at an unfathomable pace, outgrowing the universes it devoured within moments.

It hasn’t stopped eating since.

All of creation eventually ends up devoured by “The Void” indiscriminately. Every prime material world, every mortal universe, every old ruined portion of an infinite place is simply another snack on the never-ending conveyor belt that leads to “The Void”‘s ever-consuming maw. A feast beyond even the cosmic scale, “The Void”‘s appetite is enough to make even the largest of black holes seem like little more than a pinhole leak in a bucket.


“The Void”‘s appearance is barely worth mentioning, as the only recognisably humanoid thing about It is an open mouth, surrounded by universe-spanning black flesh. All other features are unknown. Aside from Its appearance, “The Void”‘s other notable features are a constant, ongoing rumble. Known as the ‘background noise’ of the universe, when up close, the sounds of eternal gurgling digestion, and cataclysmic, unending flatulence are overwhelmingly deafening, loud enough to literally obliterate any matter that isn’t “The Void” itself.


“The Void” possesses no intelligence. It perhaps was not always so, but endless eons of non-stop consumption have made it so that It is unable to entertain any thought that isn’t about food and eating. Any attempts by divine summoners, channelers or arcane diviners to commune directly with “The Void” telepathically, have only been met with incomprehensible gibbering about Its ceaseless indulgence.


It’s not entirely clear how “The Void” can project sentient avatars, without any semblance of intelligence of Its own, though its entirely possible that Its power is so great that it is able to take on a life of its own, creating avatars of its own volition.


“The Void” is often worshipped by evil cultures as a god, as well as by various nihilists, death cults and anarchists. However, It is far greater, older, and infinitely more vast than even the oldest, most eldritch of gods.


However, worshippers are still able to channel spells from the Gluttony, Flatulence and Filth domains. Followers also gain the gluttony trait, and are able to follow the obese feat tree indefinitely.


“The Void”‘s holy symbol is an open, fanged mouth, surrounded by a swirling vortex.




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