2.1 Gods and Powers


Lucid is a demon of sin (Or, Sydocian as they are known), and is one of only seven that represent the seven mortal sins. Lucid is the embodiment of gluttony, and represents excessive, wasteful consumption, which is considered by many to be an evil act at its core. He is also an avatar of “The Void”, and channels some of the gluttonous power to provide as blessings to his followers.

Despite his evil alignment, Lucid is disarmingly friendly, personable, and non-threatening, unlike most demons. This is because the nature of sin is, for the most part, pleasurable, tempting, and brings individual happiness, however short lived. This friendly nature makes it much easier for Lucid to affect others, tempting them to indulge. In fact, Lucid’s mere presence around mortals is enough to cause an increase of consumption. He possesses an ‘aura of gluttony’, an ability which causes all mortal creatures within 300ft of him to become gluttonous after an hour’s exposure. Affected creatures will compulsively gorge as much as their capacity will allow them.If creatures leave this radius, they are no longer magically compelled to eat, but depending on how long they were exposed, they may have developed a psychological addiction to overeating.

Creatures that succumb to gluttony, magical or otherwise, have their souls tied to Lucid from then on (unless freed by a ‘remove curse’ spell), and their spirits become his after their death. Reborn as a specific kind of demonic larvae, descriptively named as 'gluttonous larvae'.Reflecting their fate in life, the larvae are massively bloated versions of their kind, existing only to eat and grow, until they themselves become food for Lucid,

Lucid then gorges upon their souls (the fatter the person was at death, the more power they give to Lucid), until he himself becomes monstrously obese, stopping eating only when there is nothing left to consume. At this point, Lucid will sleep off his meal, transferring the power of all he has consumed, directly to “The Void”.

Like many demons, Lucid has a number of followers, to which he grants spells from the gluttony domain. Devotees of him also gain the ability to project Lucid’s aura of gluttony in a 50ft radius. An ability that can be amplified exponentially if a group of devotees project their aura within range of each other.




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