2.3 Notable Characters


As one of the many avatars of “The Void”, Nysa is a priest of the god Dionysus, and the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Bacchae’. However, he has no real authority, and the Bacchae have no form of hierarchy, though many are content to refer to him as such simply in recognition of his power in having received the blessing of their patron god.

Like all Bacchae, Nysa indulges in constant revelry, specifically that of feasting and gorging, leading to his well-above-average weight, even by Bacchae standards. Also, his ability to entice others into the debauchery is far greater that others of his kind, a gift bestowed upon him by Dionysus.His weight is not constant, and fluctuates constantly. He is able to ‘shed’ his weight in exchange for power, in the same way that one would burn calories for physical energy. However, he doesn’t stay slim for long, quickly putting on more weight. For this reason, he wears little clothing, as he constantly outgrows anything he wears.

As a Bacchae, he has the ability to charm and manipulate humanoids, which he uses to tempt them to join their endless celebrations, causing them to leave behind and forget their old lives.As a priest of Dionysus, he has command over various charm and enchantment spells, as well as the ability to create wine and food for his followers.

However, although he poses as a priest of Dionysus, Nysa’s status as an avatar of “The Void” means that any soul he tempts to join the bacchanalia, are instead used to feed “The Void”‘s unending consumption, rather than ascending to join the wine god in the afterlife.




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