3. Bestiaries


While the term ‘gluttonous tarrasque‘ might seem fairly redundant, familiarity with this beast reveals the necessity for this term.

Ordinarily the tarrasque awakens from its slumber, devours ravenously over the course of a fortnight until it is sated, and then sleeps for at least a century. The gluttonous tarrasque, however, awakens only to eat for as long as it can maneuver to do so. From the point of its awakening, the beast strides forwards, eating everything that it can get in its mouth indiscriminately. Its powerful stomach acid can digest all manner of creatures, plants, trees, rocks and even oozes.

The tarrasque’s path of destruction can be followed through the telltale signs of barren lands, drained lakes, fallen mountains, and deep ravines where the beast has dragged its heavy, distended stomach across the floor. It continues this swathe of destruction, gorging until its stomach becomes too heavy to move, then briefly sleeping as the meal digests.The beast grows rapidly, its tough leathery scales stretching apart as the flesh beneath swells with blubber. It continues this gorging until its body has grown so large that its feet are unable to reach the floor.At this point, it will attempt to roll itself so that it’s mouth can reach the floor, so that it might devour the very earth beneath it.

Eventually, when it is no longer capable of eating, and everything withing reach is consumed, the tarrasque disappears, its energy and lifeforce acting as a ‘sacrifice’ to “The Void”, to which it acts as an avatar.

The gluttonous tarrasque is something of a rare occurrence, as far as a single world is concerned, which is fortunate, as a single one can eradicate an entire country in the course of its gorging. Though, as one completes its feast and disappears from one material plane, another appears in a different plane, ready to begin the feast anew.




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