2.1 Gods and Powers


This character might not be as fun as others, because it’s not humanoid and doesn’t really have a body, but its abilities and what it can do may interest some of you, so, yeah. Warnings for mentions of gas, scat and menstruation.

To the unaware, Ichor appears as a simple black ooze, if a lot larger than most specimens. The truth, however, is far darker, and far more vile. Ichor is, for all intents and purposes, the waste produced by “The Void”‘s endless consumption.While once it existed outside of space and time, the ooze has continued to grow so large and voluminous, that it can no longer be contained within its dimension of origin, and has begun bleeding into other planes.At points where universal fabric is weak, and portals tear open by themselves (usually in deep caves or mines), Ichor bleeds a small puddle of itself through into a realm, where it rapidly swells in size, and seeks out a way to spread its filth.

While man would question whether oozes have enough semblance of religion to proclaim Ichor as their ‘god’, the fact that many cults of evil, disgusting creatures revere it as their deity, is what caused it to received the title ‘God of the Oozes’. Some followers are fanatic enough that they willingly partake of the creature’s ‘gifts’, as mentioned below. Unlike simple oozes, however, Ichor does indeed possess a malevolent sentience, and acts as an avatar of “The Void” with a cruel purpose.

As it swells and grows, Ichor seeks out a settlement, anything from a small tribal gathering to a large city, and seeks out the water supply, tainting it with small amounts of its slime. Drinking this tainted water, however, doesn’t poison, kill or corrode in the way an ordinary ooze would. Instead, it instills its drinkers with terrible sickness.

In females, and males under the age of 20, the body comes more susceptible to common stomach bugs. At least once a month, sufferers become stricken with severe 24hr vomiting spells, regardless of how well they feel, or what they have eaten. They are also plagued by an unshakable phlegmy cough, and perpetual mucousy sniffles. Also, women of menstruation age tend to have much heavier periods, characterised with dark, almost black blood.

Affected males over the age of 20 are struck with a much more volatile condition, and begin to suffer from ‘hyperdigestion’. Regardless of how much food they have eaten, 24 hours after drinking water tainted by Ichor, the men begin producing huge amounts of waste, accompanied by equally vast quantities of foul-smelling flatulence. This effect is permanent, and unending, with the victims going on to produce endless amounts of solid, and gaseous waste for the rest of their lives. On some occasions, among men with differing levels of testosterone, some of them also begin putting on huge amounts of weight, regardless of their diet and lifestyle. Men affected in this way usually perish from the condition, after they weight renders them immobile, and they are unable to escape their continuous flow of wasteAs this condition strikes several people within the community, it is almost guaranteed that an outbreak of hyperdigestion will quite literally bury a town.Some of the more degenerate followers of Ichor will deliberately inflict this condition upon themselves, reveling in their ability to spread never-ending filth in their wake. Ichor’s followers, regardless of whether they partake of his taint or not, have access to the Hatred, Destruction, Filth and Flatulence domains.

As always, all souls blighted by Ichor’s taint, or those devoted to him, are claimed by “The Void” upon death.




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