Essentially, there's another world and all of the Gods there got into a pissing contest. The head God was like fuck you and banished a bunch of Gods, removing core parts of their identity and reducing their power immensely. Sending them to Migrell, to take earthly bodies and reincarnate until they do something honorable enough to send them back. 

 It's been thousands of years since that happened, and shit hit the fan real hard. In the 58th year of the reign of Emporer Zon Heremellus the third of Wuskar, Irlane lost it's home country to a surge of natural disasters. The suvivors took their beloved Keldings, their tree-ships, and now scatter across the ocean, officially turned away by Emporer Zon. 

 A hundred years later, another thing happened. The Kavvur emerged, long lost descendants of the native Wuskar who took to hiding in caverns after a brutal civil war with the ancestors of now-Wuskar. 

 stuff is so bad and it happens so much


 IT's vaguely italian renaissance 1500s. Warlords control the land and the people and the God-Emporer controls the Warlords, acting as a mediator and diplomat for them. 



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