A dark, calm world in which humanity has fallen by the wayside to other, more powerful races such as elves and orcs. There is a powerful dark priesthood which is the main governing force in this world known as The Xathys Devine. Xathys is a deity in this world who is worshipped for his power, anger, and strength. The priesthood are suspected to be behind disappearances in the region of Enthyrn. They have a very loyal following of various creatures of hate and darkness.



The world is dark but it was not always that way. In the region of Enthyrn there are swamps, forests, and two main cities (Enthrind and Wending) with various villages spread across the land. Wending is located on the bay of a large sea. Enthrind is at the base of a mountain, at the top of which is the Capitol Building where the Xathys Devine hold their power.



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