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Also known formally as Heaven's Wrong, The Fall marks the 0th year of the Common Count Calendar.

The most well known telling of the events is heard from The Order of Talor,:

A fall from Grace, a rain of ashes

"Man was mistreated by God, and made to suffer terribly to bring about a new age which God had envisioned.

The angels, who were then tasked with enforcing God's cruel reign, took pity on humanity. Talor, Highest among the angels, pleaded with Oten to cease his cruel ways but Oten was deaf to their pleas.

Unable to bear the suffering any longer, Talor rallied his angels against Oten. Though Talor and his angels could not conquer Oten, with their righteous fury they severed his arms from his body, rendering him impotent.

However the victory was bittersweet. While the battle raged in heaven Oten, in his prideful rage, massacred the people of Liura. Though Talor's angels once numbered 100 strong, there were then only 32. And though man's cities once stood vibrant with song, they then rang with dissonance and steel."


The Fall ended the Gilded Age when Angels, Humans and God lived in heaven harmoniously, and brought about The Lost Age, a time of darkness and turmoil.



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