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The Citadel is a shadow of its former self, toiling in poverty and pollution. The universal bond of Rick and Morty has crumbled to a mere fragment of sustainability. With the council gone, and Evil Morty in place of rule, that very thin line has been snipped away, outright destroying it. Revolutions of the past brought order and the unity that was needed for the Citadel to prevail in happiness- until it was destroyed.Once was the Book of Morty is now gone, bringing a new prophet to light.

To Dawn Anew

'What hath passed cometh again, and the Dawn will cede The False Prophecy.'


The Citadel of Ricks is the secret society where Ricks and Mortys have formed a society built by their counterparts from an infinite amount of realities, and was formerly controlled by the Council of Ricks. For some Ricks and Mortys, it is a leisure point and meeting point, but it also serves as a permanent residence for an untold number of Ricks and Mortys that have decided to settle at the Citadel and make it their home. Though its true population was never mentioned, Rick once said "Whoever is still exploring the citadel, is either stupid, or one of the unfortunate millions held hostage by their terrible ideas," suggesting that it is in the millions. As of The Ricklantis Mixup, it is currently under the rule of Evil Morty.




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