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A absolute psychotic that only finds enjoyment in the pain of others. After murdering the captain of the guard in an act of mutiny, he moved on and slaughtered the president to take his own seat there. From there he tore open a new system of rule, one that caused the entire fiery and chemical destruction of Mortytown.

With his power, he managed to infiltrate the infected numbers and trick Aurora into the secure containment bay. After being neutralized, he planned to crush her slowly overnight while her closest Morty, Del, watched. A-904 stopped him by placing a restricting collar around him, but he suffered a shot to the chest as a result. F-310 escaped through the garbage chute and took the emergency airducts. He lost his leg on the first shredder, so he had to augment himself into three clones when he reached the long abandoned sub-level 0. He kept his Rick holed up here for his sick needs, unaware that he'd been planning for his appearance a long time coming. Several clones tried and failed on F-310's whim, sending him into a rage. His Rick came in during his little tantrum and tore him down from his metaphorical throne.He was sent to the surface of Mortytown with no free will. He was a pawn to his Rick.After finding the weakened Nevvie, he regained control and fell apart. Aurora infected him after his defeat and admittance of fear to Rick F-310.




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