Stupid jerry boy


Who’s This Loser?

           This Jerry is just like any other, but his points of interest are rather different compared to the others. His belly is a little bigger and he’s got freckles baby smooth skin. This Jerry loves to collect oddities rather than collecting coins. He’s got a shrunken head, different types of bones, and a few preserved specimens. He also enjoys gag novelties! (Like that Donald Trump themed coloring book he bought and didn’t even color in.)  Any kind of obscura makes him super happy.

           This Jerry also has a rather bad taste in fashion, just as any other Jerry. His clothes tend to be super tacky sweaters.  Even other Jerrys think his taste is pretty poor. Sometimes he just wears his regular old shirt. His favorite item to wear is a necklace bearing a baby doll arm. He thinks it’s funny.A lot of times, especially around the shop, he is found wearing a ten gallon hat, button up shirts, (usually checkered) cowboy boots, and big belt buckles. 

           Jerry here is also very calm. Most Jerrys can get angry at times, but this Jerry doesn’t. He shrugs things off just as if they never happened. As well as being calm, he is very loving. Ask him for a hug, he won’t say no. Just as any other Jerry, he’s a big wimp. As a matter of fact, pretty much every other detail about him is just another Jerry. A big target for Ricks, a fatherly figure, not as bright as everyone thought, ex, ex, ex. Even being a wimp, he will not hesitate to slice things open. He can be violent, but doesn’t get angry. Kind of weird, isn’t it?

His Story:

           Odd Jerry works at-you probably guessed it- an oddity shop. Making the business himself, this Jerry seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Yes, he may just sell bones, dead things and junk, but it’s very special to him. Jerry never had a Beth, meaning he has no idea where is Rick is, or, well, the rest of his (most likely unborn) family. He’s a pretty lonely guy, y’know, being a thirty-five year old virgin and all.

          Odd ends up spending most of his days lazing around at home eating junk food or lazing around at the shop. A very isolated Jerry, but still the same old horrible man, sitting alone in his nice chair and eating a Hungry Man Frozen Dinner for one.





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