Dimension MUT1L8

This Jerry's life changed when he DID “put his penis in that man's chest." Frickin’ gross, man. Basically, this is a necrophiliac/serial killer Jerry. He kills, he leaves, sometimes he eats the bodies. Dude’s a creature. Literally.

His Story: He remembered disemboweling his own wife, feasting on her innards and riding her corpse like a madman. He'd kept her and had his fun for 3 nights before being caught in the act by his Rick on the fourth. Distraught and weakened, the Rick had dropped to his knees. He'd taken the one of the utensils strewn out on the bed, a kitchen knife, and jabbed it through his own heart. He remembered seeing his kids cry at the sight of their dead mother and grandfather,rotting, leaving decomposition stains on the floor before them. They'd called the cops, and sure enough, they showed up within minutes. The last memory of the house was the one where he swiped his dead Rick's portal gun and jumped in with a random shot.





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