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Third Age - Age of Wandering


The Diaspora - 1st year of the 3rd Age


Following the lead of Denorian Rolinma and Da’rax Cri'ill, both ninteen years old and heroes of the Uprising, the descendants of the Ada people and others who wanted to follow left the ruins of Tyrstandal and traveled west then north through the Rothlands.  They traveled along the coast of the Widewaters until they passed the edge of the Mongrath Mountains.   The travelers stopped along either side of what would later be called the Longwater River.  These camps would later become the twin cities of Tongoth and Deradon.  The migration continued but two sizable camps remained on either side of the river.  Moving east, the great horde of people finally came to a rest along the Ada River, their ancestral home.  They would call their new home Adaros and their city Carvanos.

Denorian Rolimna and Jinna Rolimna named First Regals of Adaros – 2nd year of the 3rd Age


As the first year of the Age of Wandering came to a close, a fear that the three cities of Adaros would become independent city-states and not a unified country began to spread across the people.  The most notable person to give voice to this fear was Denorian Rolinma who was concerned that unity that brought about the Uprising against the X’thari would be lost forever.  He traveled to the Twin Cities along with his wife Jinna Rolimna and his best friend Da’rax Cri’ill to plead his case for unity.  The people of Tongoth and Deradon asked him to become their leader, which he declined.  It wasn’t until his return to Carvanos and saw the overwhelming support for him to lead did Denorian decide to assume the role of ruler but only if his trusted wife Jinna could rule with him as an equal ruler.  At the Mid-Year celebration, Denorian and Jinna Rolimna were crowned the First Regals of Adaros by Mimin Sholb, a common person unknown until this moment.  Over the course of history, Adarosians would relish their genealogical connection to Sholb.  At their crowning, Denorian was twenty years of age and Jinna was nineteen years old.

Da’rax Cri’ill’s Exile - 5th year of the 3rd Age


During the early years of the Denorian and Jinna’s rule, concerns over the protection and future of Adaros grew.  The Rolimnas both believed that adherence to the principals that led to The Uprising against the X’thari should become bedrock ideas for the new realm.  Denorian believed that educating everyone in Adaros would provide a strong sense of moral fiber and civic unity.  He believed that only an educated citizen, with full command of the knowledge about the world around them, would be able find a productive part to play in society.  Jimma built on that idea and encouraged the citizenry to find happiness in one’s productive role in society.  She believed that if a person was content with their role in society, and that role added to the collective good of the community, city, and people of Adaros, there would be no crime, no need for war, and foster unity.


The Rolimnas’ views on society resonated with the people and while popular, took a few years before those ideas began to take hold in the new country.  By the end of the fourth year of the third age, Adarosian society was becoming stable as incidents of crime were dwindling and prosperity in all three cities were on the rise.  But the prosperity came at a price.  The new country had become withdrawn and contact with any peoples or potential fledgling countries south of the Mongrath Mountains were sporadic and unreliable.  Fearing that an army of outsiders might come to conquer one of the cities or all of Adaros, a growing number of citizens called for the creation of a standing army to protect realm from outsiders.  Denorian and Jinna both rejected this idea with Jinna’s quote, “We have just gained our freedom, why would any Rinarian turn their sword on one another and repeat the crimes of the X’thari would be unthinkable” survived into the fourth age.  Still others disagreed, most notably Da’rax Cri’ill.  The close friend of Denorian begged the Regal on numerous occasions to raise an army and defend the people.  Denorian refused to raise an army fearing it might be seen by others as an act of aggression and that what was meant to be a precaution would bring about war.


In the fifth year of the third age, Da’rax and his many supporters gathered in the Plains of Adlo along the east bank of the Ada River and readied themselves to march on the city.  Da’rax hoped that if he could show how strong the support for an army had grown, he could force the Regals to relent.  Before Da’rax and his supporters could move on Carvanos, a substantial band of citizens had rallied themselves to defend the Regals when word of the encampment along the Ada reached the city.  The Rolimnas felt they had to address what they considered to be insurrection themselves.  They named Rolon Highwatch as Regal-In-Waiting to watch over Carvanos and rule in their stead should they be killed before marching with up the Ada River.


When word of Denorian and Jinna’s advance reached the encampment, Da’rax ordered an immediate retreat.  His supporters were only prepared to hold the city captive, not fight an open conflict.  Da’rax sent the camp east across the Plains of Adlo to the East Hills.  If he could reach high ground, Da’rax might be able to mount a successful offensive against the Regals or at least strong defense.  Da’rax only got to the foot of the East Hills before the Rolimnas caught up.  There, at the foot of the East Hills, south of Lom Lake the battle took place.  The men and women on either side were not trained soldiers so the battle was more a brawl then open combat. 


The only true combat to be fought in the battle was between the Rolimnas and Da’rax Cri’ill.  Each of the three had fought the X’thari and were skilled fighters.  It took the combined strength of Denorian and Jinna to bring Da’rax to yield.  Unable to kill one of his closest friends, Denorian exiled Da’rax and his supporters to the lands south of the Mongrath Mountains (known later as the Freelands).  This ended Da’rax’s claim as the “True Protector of Adaros” but the loss of such a close friend would haunt Denorian for the rest of his days.  The Rolimnas returned to Carvanos as victors and the anniversary of the “Battle of Da’rax’s Fall” would be celebrated every year since.

First Da’raxian War - 18th year of the 3rd Age 

Thirteen years after Da’rax’s Fall, Progos Cri’ill, the oldest of Da’rax’s three sons, leads an army made up of original supporters of Da’rax, their children (now known as Da’raxians) and Freeland coinblades across the Mongrath Mountians into Adaros.  The Da’raxians forged a path through the mountains and crossed the Ada River to approach Carvanos from the southwest across the Felgri Fields.  The Regals dispatched a volunteer force to delay the Da’raxians until reinforcements from the Twin Cities could arrive.  The volunteers delayed the invaders for two days before being wiped out but their sacrifice was enough.  The Twin Cities army were able to halt the Da’raxians from taking the Carvanos but were unable to win a decisive victory.  Two months of on again, off again fighting pushed the Da’raxians back across the Ada, north to the Skyshore before being pushed clear back to Goltho Forest and into the Mongrath Mountains.

During the retreat, the Da’raxians were ambushed by norgral and many were eaten or wounded.  The mountain trail would be known as the Trail of Blood and would have long stretches where the pass was impassable due to norgral activity.  


Even through the Da’raxians would not step foot in Adaros for years, Da’rax got what he wanted as Adaros would always have a standing army to defend against Da’raxian raiding parties.


The First Gift to the People – 25th year of the 3rd Age


The Rolimnas over saw a surge in prosperity after pushing out the Da’raxians and the Regals decided they should give something to the people as a way to grow the prosperity and elevate the quality of life for all Adarosians.  The Rolimnas commissioned three grand markets, one in each city, to encourage the spread of farming in the Felgri Fields, the Plains of Adlo, and throughout the East Hills.  In 28 3rd Age, the markets were complete.  Coolwater Market in Carvanos was built along the banks of the Ada River with whitewashed stones and featured two long avenues for sellers and shops that met in a grand square featuring an ornate garden center.  Sunrise Market in Tongoth had one long avenue for sellers made of the same whitewashed stones that aligned perfectly with the rising and setting sun.  It also featured a side avenue along the main avenue for shops.  Grandview Market in Deradon was built with the same types of stones as the other markets but this one featured a view of the Widewaters from every store front and seller.

The three markets were wildly popular and would be a booming place for trade and commerce for two ages.  The success of the projects started a tradition where every Regal couple would commission some type of public works project in the three cities or across Adaros.  The Rolimna would commission other public projects, arguably of grander scale in one or all three cities but it was the markets they wanted to be remembered for.  History would show that Denorian and Jinna would be remembered for much more than the three markets.

Denin and Sa’ral Rolimna, The Second Regals of Adaros - 28th year of the 3rd Age


After the three markets were unveiled, the Regals realized they were growing old, older than either of them had every expected; Denorian was 46 and Jenn was 45.  Wanting to spend their remaining years together away from the responsibilities of the throne, the Regals announced that by the start of the New Year they would announce the next Regals to take the Maroon Seat.


Denin Rolimna, the unmarried son of Denorian, was named Regal Assending to Adaros and was crowned at the Mid-Year Celebration at age 24.  Denin was twenty four when he was crowned and had studied his parents how to how to rule the land fair and justly. 


After the first year of his rule, the people had become wary.  Adrosians had been accustomed to a rule of two which they saw as a safeguard against a tyrant.  The people called for Denin to either marry or appoint one of his siblings to rule with him. When his younger brother Yuli and sister Talin turned down the Maroon Seat, Denin announced he would travel Adaros to find a wife.   He eventually found awoman from the fledgling Ralmora in Neg’fil by the name of Sa’ral E’on to be his wife and Regal.  Sa’ral was a remarkable beauty who had an amazing singing voice and a skilled poet.  Sa’ral was crowned on her 22nd life day that year.


The First Regals retire to a modest house in Skyshore overlooking the Skyward Sea which would later be known as The Dune House where the two lived the rest of their days.  Wave House would serve as the retirement and vacation house for every Regal since.


The Second Gift to the People – 40th year of the 3rd Age


Following his rise to the Maroon Seat, Denin wasted no time in creating his Gift to the People.  Denin and a team of the best engineers, builders, and artisans in Adaros spent two years planning a palace and seat of power for the realm to be built on what was being refered to as Denorian’s Hill.  The place would hold living quarters for the Regal Family, stewards, guests (both common and important), a throne room for the Maroon Seat, and areas open to the public such as gardens, audience halls, and feast halls.  It took ten years to build the new palace and was officially opened and named Denin Palace on the newly created holiday Worker’s Day in 40 3rd Age.  The celebration lasted seven days and included appearances by the retired First Regals Denorian and Jinna.

Jinra and Bilre Rolimna – The Third Regals – 49th year of the 3rd Age



In 49 3rd Age the Maroon Seat passed to daughter of Denin and Sa’ral, Jinra.  Jinra, whose name was meant to honor First Regal Jinna Rolimna, was named Regal Ascending with her husband Polth Wennit (who took the name Rolimna upon marrying Jinra).  Three days before being crowned, Polth died of sleeping sickness and Jinra took the Jinna’s Bench alone.  She quickly named her twin sister Bilre to rule with her.  Bilre was crowned ten days after her sister.



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