Capital City
Major City


Barians are a practical people, and will often not spend on trivial things. Farming and forestry are major industries. Despite the simple life that many live here, Barians are well known for their festivals, which are the few times during the year when the people let loose.

Along the eastern edge of Baros are the Forbidden Mountains -- a vast mountain range that separates the world at large from The Wastes -- an unknown region of land that is said to be the home to "the children of Charon".

To the north, it shares a border with Winsom. There is a tentative peace between the countries. While there is no fighting along the border, there is the occasional spat or grumbling amongst the locals living there.

And in the northwest, it shares a small border with Baksul. The border is much more friendly, and is far less policed than their northern neighbor's.




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