The Western Dominion


The lands of K’neth or Kanesh are one of the oldest settlements in the lands west of the Great River. Legends tell that thousands of years ago, a young shepherd named Unai followed a comet that landed into the wilderness of K’neth. The crater formed by the comet’s crash was soon filled with water and it came to be known as Moonstone Lake. Unai built a house upon the lake and began collecting fragments of the comet beneath the waters. The minerals, which were later called Moonstone, proved to be expensive and he became rich. Soon other people came to the lake, miners and merchants alike, and they established  a thriving hamlet.

The d’Amons of K’neth are credited to be the longest-running dynasty in all of Ireneus. The city has never been conquered for a thousand years since Hiltzai cast away the Almana giants. Its not immune to rebellions however, one notable was the Desviat’s rebellion in 800 BC. Desviat, the dead King’s bastard son drove the Kingdom into civil war when he fought for his claim of the crown. He won, but the Temple intervened, and declared him a heretic. Desviat and his followers were driven away from the city and they hid in Akkada’s Fort along the lands of The Adon. Soon, he declared themselves a separate kingdom, and Amon-Ra never won them back.




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