One of the greatest rulers of K'neth, he and his family were exiled on 1100 BC when Rejan the Dragonrider landed on Amon-Ra and burned it to the ground. He grew up Akkada's Fort and became a fierce warrior and general. On his 35th year,  he promised to retake his Kingdom, so he hired mercenaries and began marching to Amon-Ra.

The city itself is under rebellion, as Rejan was incapable of ruling over a large population, hungered by war and devastation he caused. King Hiltzai marched through the gates unopposed, and went and slayed Rejan's dragon, Belturti. He hung the creature's severed head on the city gates and Rejan and his army of giants escaped towards the sea, back to the Almania, never to be seen and heard of again.



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