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In the beginning, there was nothing. When the ancients had arrived, the lands & sea were made. As they explored, other linked realms were both made and discovered, like the astral plane, underworld and, the inner worlds. Towns & villages were formed; some grew into cities. The barren wastelands had forced all the tethered to work together or die. This was known as the early age.


Many refused to work together & perished. More tethered arrived to replace them. Eventually, they began to explore the furthest corners of Gaelroy. Great beasts and plants had appeared from other worlds too, creating savage jungles, and filling the rest of the world with life. The collaborative magic, technology and skill, allowed many great ancient cities to rise, like the Great Tether. There were even rumors of people achieving godhood. Such was the age of the ancients.


But then came the Worldborn. Born from the ancients, they were abandoned, adopted, raised & dejected. They knew nothing of the old worlds, having always lived in Gaelroy. A great schism between the worldborn & the tethered made many cities fall. Civil wars rendered most cities into ruins, their glory all lost. This was known as the ancient's fall. It lead to the independent age.


About seven centuries later, With the establishment of roads & agriculture, nations began to arise once again, beginning the new age. So far, no one has been able to escape Gaelroy.



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