Inner worlds


The Great Breach (commonly referred to as just "Breach") is the largest & most well known entrance to the underworld, & inner worlds. It spans across the 3 planes, making exact specifications unknown.


In the overworld, It consists of a giant circular hole approximately 20km in diameter, with a surrounding encampment/city that extends down into the crater & into the underworld, & eventually the reversed-world. The height of the hole is undefined; any attempt to measure it will result in an infinite height when crossing the underworld, yet when no measurements are taken, the journey from top to bottom is relatively short (& finite). It varies in length from hours, to months -long trips.


In the underworld, Breach is a rare, random landmark that explorers constantly stumble upon. In actuality, Breach lies throughout the underworld, although connecting tunnels tend to cluster together. Many shops & other public spaces lie within the walls of the hole, with a few crudely constructed bridges in between them. From here, it is fairly easy to reach the overworld.


In the Inner worlds, Breach exists similarly to the overworld, as a giant hole punched into the ground. Different inner worlds have different sized Breaches, all connected by the underworld. Direct travel from one inner world to another is possible via a few teleportation circles set up by the ancients, although, they are very limited in their number. Locations of such circles are highly prized.



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