Running throughout the afterlife is the abyss. It is said that only the most powerful of souls are imprisoned on the bottom of the abyss, else they'd escape the afterlife a thousand times over. It is here where the souls of dead gods go, with no way to return.


The bottom of the Abyss is known as "The Deep" by those who find themselves there.


It is recommended to quickly turn back the way you came from, if you ever encounter the abyss. Many have found themselves on the bottom by simply looking to long at it.


On somewhat rare occasions, if a couple of spells or other means creates enough destruction in the overworld, the abyss can sometimes be seen opening in the wake, consuming all nearby. Aside from planet-scale explosions & larger, nothing else is known to allow the abyss to manifest in the overworld & (even rarer) allow souls to escape the afterlife.



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