Astral plane


The Astral place is the plane of every living creature's thoughts, feelings & emotions. Here all our thoughts are exposed & able to be toyed with, with most of us powerless as non-telepaths/psychics. Those that are, journey here to do so.


Our thoughts take the form of a similar world, replaying events in our memory, or changing into different climates depending on our mood. The journey between minds is hard, especially when trying to figure out the exact boundaries between the two. Getting lost in the astral plane usually means never returning to your worldly body ever again. 


However, while rare, it is possible of physically sending objects into the astral plane, although they will almost be guaranteed to be heavily distorted & changed if they are returned.


Additionally, when traversing the astral plane, you can use your own thoughts as physical manifestations; such tricks are vital in the event you face off another traveler in combat. However, as is everything else in the astral plane, these manifestations are just thoughts & cannot cross realms.



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