Other Regions


The bottom of the Abyss is the Deep. If a soul is judged to be too powerful to restrain or if it has escaped the afterlife too many times already, it is sent here as a final destination.


Most souls that lurk here are biding their time, consolidating as much power as possible to escape the Deep. Lesser souls tend to get caught in the crossfire, as power struggles ensure. Despite this, the few living exiles still retain a social order, the same one dating from the ancient times.


These few exiles come from the even rarer underworld entrances & exits that connect with the Deep. It is quite peculiar that living & non-living creatures that wander near these tunnels experience different structures & parts of the underworld, even if they make the exact same path. However, this is one a the mechanisms that keeps the dead here.


Among those who live, there are tales of a place known as "The Thousand Deep", another abyss below the abyss.



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