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Most frequently known as Eve the dame, and rarely as Eve the damned. She was once widely known as Gaelroy the explorer's companion, but is now more renowned as the lady of hope. She also founded the Great Tether.


Unlike most of the ancients she was one of the few who had traveled between worlds before, giving her many more skills compared with other ancients. She earned her title "lady of hope" by establishing order & co-founding tether; the first city. She had created a refuge from the chaotic wildlands, with a beacon for all those in need.


When the worldborn came with their revolutions, Eve disappeared in the midst of war, never becoming a combatant. There are rumors she was assassinated by her adopted son, others that she simply fled, still living in exile as a living ancient. Most people attribute these rumors to her title "lady of misery".


What far fewer people know, is the real reason she got her rarest title; most people who read documents from the ancient era assume it is a clerical error (she is still rarely referenced as such in these documents). The answer lies in her lives before Gaelroy, and also why some ancients had known her as the lady of misery before the ancient's fall.


She was identified in the public eye with her blue eyes & attire, both so dark, often mistaken for a consuming void.



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