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Possibly the greatest wizard/mage of all the ancients, "Spellslinger" Cindarion was one of the tethered to of journeyed to another world before arriving at Gaelroy. He is still believed to be alive & hence a living ancient.


He had discovered a world portal spell in his previous life, allowing him to travel to other magical worlds, where he learned many different systems of magic & spells. By the time he was stuck on Gaelroy, he been to at least a dozen such worlds.


It is said he would never be seen casting a single spell at a time, triple-casting at a minimum, with an average of 7-9 spells simultaneously. When going all out, it was rumored he was capable of casting hundreds, maybe even a thousand spells a second, for over a hour. 


When the worldborn wars began, he fought alongside other tethered, laying waste to many cities, but most well known for creating the wasteland nearing the end of the war. As he realized his folly, he left the known world, one of the reasons for the ancient's fall.



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