Lore & Histories


The fall of the ancients was attributed to many things, and is a very complex matter. 


It occurred sometime 200 to 300 years ago, at the nearing the end of the worldborn wars. It began when the ancients had believed they had achieved a self-sustaining civilization, so Gaelroy the explorer, set off for an endless expedition.


Promptly afterwards, the worldborn declared war on the ancients, seizing power in many cities. This was not completely unexpected, as the tethered (in general) had very different philosophical views to their children, but no one thought they would've started a war.


The ancients retaliated in kind, laying siege to cities and re-capturing important locations. However, in the midst of war, without Gaelroy to lead, & his companion, Eve, suddenly disappearing,  leadership of the ancients fractured. As a result, they were only able to take back half of what they had before. As the war progressed, more major ancients were killed or disappeared, further weakening the ancient's armies until they surrendered with a handful of forces left. The survivors have mostly disappeared through the times, leaving only legends in their wake.



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