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The Razor Blades


During the rise of the next generation, but before the ancient's fall, natural-born had few places where the could obtain an education, both in academic & survival skills other than their parents. As a result, they had split into 2 major groups, those who wished to stay within cities, unable to fend for themselves outside, & those who sought out help to learn such abilities.


Most ancients refused, having other "duties" but the few that accepted, started schools to train the natural born. Thus the tradition of schools began, each teaching a specific niche style of combat/ academia, sometimes both.


Fortunately, schools were some of the few organizations that survived the ancient's fall relatively intact, & continue to operate to this day. Modern schools however, are different from their ancient counter-parts as they now allow some tethered to join, are considered their own independent faction, & require long-term memberships (including staff positions).


Survivors, like Azumur are also known to start schools.



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