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Originally remnants of the old assemblyhood, the "New" assemblyhood consists of sentient androids, cyborgs & prosthesists, who all share a common need for advanced technological parts.


The "Old" assemblyhood had an iron grip on most of the available tech, & as such, created many internal political conflicts, which ultimately lead to its demise. However, in the new assemblyhood, the de-facto leaders/ founders of the assemblyhood created an A.I to oversee the distribution of spare parts, rather than personally distribute it themselves.


So far, for the past century,  very few events have had much sway over this faction, preferring to stand back & observe events as they happen. Much research into magic-technology interactions have been done by the new assemblyhood, although they rarely entrust this information to anyone other than senior members.


They also have an open door policy for new members, as long as you are a techno-organism (or equivalent) or a technology enthusiast, you are welcome to join. New "unmodified" members are encouraged to upgrade their bodies as a rite of passage, although it is not mandatory; People have passed it by using exosuits & other similar devices. 



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