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During the years of the Ancient's fall, rumors & tales of a "being" began to spread. This "being" had some sort of personal vendetta against all gods, both the ones from previous worlds & the new ones. It would silently creep through the world, searching for those who have ascended to Godhood, slaying them when it finds such a person. Most witnesses are unable to escape the collateral damage of the battle, although those who do survive describe Godsbane to be a small cloaked humanoid, with no mercy. The humanoid form is just what Godsbane uses to travel in stealth, according to the stories, no one who has seen Godsbane's other form(s) have lived to tell about it.


Even rarer are the few established gods who are capable of fending off Godsbane, as it continually seeks a way to rid the world of them. Most have lost many followers in battles, slowly becoming forgotten, or have had their spiritual area permanently scarred.


In one great battle with the god Valor, Godsbane was dealt several mortal wounds before being destroyed. In that time, a high priest recognized her face as one from an ancient text, though he could not remember who, nor find the same text. An image of it was made & spread around in case someone else did. Godsbane came back a week later & killed both the high priest & Valor.


It is not known if Godsbane is a god's vassal, living ancient, or survivor (survivors).


Most citizens of Gaelroy treat these rumors to be mere myths, although not entirly impossible, due to the great size & diversity of Gaelroy. As such, it is regarded as one of the most powerful individuals in all of Gaelroy.


[Note: Godsbane is really Eve's sorrowful re-incarnation]



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