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Gods in gaelroy are an uncommon sight. In the beginning, when the ancients first arrived, there were no gods. As time passed, several people ascended into godhood, & ruled their spiritual areas. Some mortals worshiped them, while others were indifferent. As time passed, some were forgotten; when the ancient's fall came, some were even killed.


Gods each have their own spiritual area, where they ascended from their mortal forms. These areas may be as small as an altar, or as large a a football field. The size is determined by the nature of the god.


Gods are not infinite in power; they are limited in their knowledge by their past life & current observations. They also lack material influence outside of their spiritual areas, however in those areas, they are near invincible.


In the event a god dies, any & all material influence the god was maintaining stops (e.g blessed water is no longer blessed), & the god is sent to the afterlife, into the bottom of the abyss, the deep.  


People can still ascend to godhood today, no rarer than ancient times. But since the appearance of Godsbane, the gods are becoming more limited in number.



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