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Time in Gaelroy is measured in the surprisingly common units of seconds, minutes & hours. All timepieces brought in from other worlds seem to align to these units when tethered, & thus it became the common time measurement.


However, days in Gaelroy last for 30 hours (on average, 15 hours of Day, & 15 hours of night), with each month (or moon cycle) lasting 40 days. A typical season lasts for 3 months, although occasionally some seasons are extended/shortened for a month. A year lasts for 4 seasons, on average 12.1 months, but for clerical reasons, it is assumed to be 12 months long; extra months are simply added onto the current year, & missing months are taken off.


Dates are measured in years, months & days from founding, and make no sense outside of the establishment it refers to. The oldest known "date" is the founding of The Great Tether, over 400 years ago.



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